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An Interview with Nene Nozaki

Nene Nozaki is not a vapid style icon or an empty fashion influencer. Yes, her Instagram feed is carefully curated, consisting of dreamy "aesthetic" shots of perfumes and accessories punctuated by stylishly posed outfit photos in a variety of vacation destinations, but her visual sensibilities lack the blandness of more typical fashion accounts. She has personality, a sort of distinctive vogue that brings the bygone elegance of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to the internet age with a Jfashion slant.

Her ensembles are not just well put-together, they insinuate a narrative, a purpose. The way she sartorially plays with texture and color is truly captivating: layering a voluminous, sheer, mint-colored mini dress over a long, more form-fitting eggshell gown, breaking the fashion rules by mixing two different shades of white. The staples of a retro-inspired wardrobe are still present, cat eye sunglasses, high-waisted pants, etc. but always with a modern flair. She describes it as casual and girly, but, although it definitely has ultra feminine overtones, it has far too much complexity to be summed up with a simple phrase.

In addition to her affinity for fashion, Nene's other passions include culinary arts and travel (unsurprising considering the sophistication of her personal style). A citizen of the world, Nene documents her adventures on her Wordpress blog. In keeping with her global perspective, soon blog posts will be written in both Japanese and English.

How do you put together your outfits?

I make sure the colors go together and then look at the silhouette it gives me.

What is your favorite place to travel to?

My favorite place is London but not to travel to, to live, I think. My favorite place for vacation is Morocco. I was there 2 years ago during summer. The culture, the food, and the people are so different. That's the most stimulating place.

Can you describe your wordpress blog?

It's all about me. Some posts are about my outfit, my favorite brands, etc. Others are about where I went for vacation and travel recommendations. My blog is almost all written in Japanese, but I'm trying to write in English as well.

What do you do for a living?

I just finished uni student life in London. Job hunting now in Japan.

What's your favorite photo on your Instagram?

I don't have a specific favorite photo on Instagram, but I love photos that have a story.

How would you describe your style?

Casual feminine, I think. It is very difficult to identify my style. What do you think of my style?

Do you experiment with your outfits or stick to the same style?

My main style, which is feminine and girly, doesn't change a lot, but little by little I try to be more sophisticated.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

Everything that stimulates me. Nature, buildings, culture, people, even people that I've never met before. But I could just say "color."

What's your favorite outfit?

A dress from Jil Sander that my boyfriend gave me as a birthday present.

What do you hope to communicate to the world through fashion?

I communicate with the world through creating visuals, and that includes fashion. I studied fashion communication at Central Saint Martins London. My pathway was all about communication with audiences using photographs, film, and zines. Visuals can communicate things more easily than words, I believe.


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