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An Interview with Lara Ivachev (EatMeDo)

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Lara Ivachev's designs look good enough to eat. I first discovered Eat Me Do through Instagram, and I was immediately enamored with the brand. Food-themed novelty accessories were popular at the time, and that fad is perhaps deserving of its own appreciation post-- what is it about objects that look like food but serve other purposes that is so exceptionally satisfying? Anyways, even though Eat Me Do probably came across my radar at that time because of the dessert novelty bag phenomenon, the brand stood out for being ahead of the game; their designs had a truly unique dynamism to them. In short, they were special because Eat.Me.Do is a labor of love: pure, crafted with tenderness and delicacy, the way a pastry chef gingerly decorates their confectionery.

Although I was (and still am) too broke to buy anything from Eat.Me.Do (I'm still saving up), I responded to the care with which everything was presented. Not all of the designs conformed to what people expected from kitschy food fashion, and that's what I loved about it. Eat Me Do was much too daring for that-- from baked bean clutches to embroidered prawn jackets, there is a provocative artistry to Eat Me Do's clothing as well as aesthetic appeal. Of course, it's, like, really really cute too, and I can't wait for its return this year, which I can already tell will be grand, just based off of their recently-published Guide to Tokyo.

What is your favorite food?

Hmmm… everyone always asks me this question and I never know the answer. I’m going to keep it simple and say blueberries!

What food do you think is most aesthetically pleasing? Definitely desserts and junk food. I adore cute cakes and ice creams, hence I use them all the time in my designs. 

What design are you most proud of?

Hmm I would probably have to say one of my fashion week collections. Both pushed me as a designer as I had to work to guidelines and create a cohesive collection with other designers. 

What does the future hold for Eat Me Do?

Well I’ll be finally getting back into designing this year after a long/much-needed break. So I’m pretty excited to see what this year holds as I can’t wait to get back into creating and bringing fun designs to everyone.

What's the biggest risk you've taken?

Probably apply and doing my first fashion week. I had never organised and coordinated such a large event and pulled it off (somehow!). 

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process varies quite a lot depending on my mood and what i’m inspired by. I usually get inspired by something and go nuts brainstorming and sketching before finalizing a handful of pieces that go and then make it home. 

What made you decide to start Eat Me Do?

I was looking for a job after finishing my advertising degree and had a hard time finding something. No one wanted to even give me work experience so I started a real life project to prove I had the skill set to do the jobs i was applying for. 

Who are your inspirations?

I don’t really have a particular person who inspires but more things, colors, foods and aesthetics get my creative juices flowing.

Have you ever had a design or a concept not work out?

hmm not really. There is always going to be the designs that i think are great but aren’t as well received. this is usually the savoury foods. You always learn from your mistakes and i tend to use collections as an experiment to see what sells and what doesn’t and base the next collection on these results. 

How would you describe someone that shops at Eat Me Do?

My customer bases varies quiet a lot, from kids to elderly women. But I think really appeals to people that love fun, color and creative designs, as I design things to put a smile on peoples faces. 

Images used in collage via @eatmedo


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