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An Interview with Kizzy Higgins

Looking through Kizzy Higgins's (or, as she's known on Instagram, Kizzy Von Doll's) blog is like paging through a pale pink, antique fairy tale anthology that you happened upon while browsing a hole-in-the-wall bookstore that you found by accident. It's a hidden gem in the truest sense, and I really admire how she has carved a space for herself in the digital realm that feels complete. Whenever I'm reading one of her posts, I never feel the urge to click off to another tab to look up something I was reminded of, or otherwise give in to the infinite nature of the internet. I just want to spend more time roaming the glittery landscape that she's crafted here. Whether she's sharing one of her exquisite outfits or just sharing her thoughts on skincare products, it's like you're exploring new territory in a fairyland.

World-building doesn't often factor into blogging, but it's hard to ignore the work Kizzy has put into the cohesiveness and consistent tone of the aptly named Dainty Dolls House blog. With the color scheme of a Parisian macaron bakery, The Dainty Dolls House is packed with visual marvels, like a cotton-candy-colored cabinet of curiosities. But it has a lot more substance than the average Tumblr mood board. The medium of a personal blog lends itself to a particular kind of intimacy, and The Dainty Dolls House. It reads less like a memoir, though, and more like a conversation. Her posts invite conversation-- they are a two-way street. I take comfort in her writings about her children, her current obsessions, her everyday life. It reminds me that my everyday life is worth exploring too.

Who are your inspirations and what lessons have they taught you?

Myself, My dreams, fairytales, places where others don't see beauty, the strange and bizarre. My Nana, my Mum. They've taught me to believe the impossible, dream big, you are stronger than you believe, kindness is everything.

How would you describe your personal style?

Hmm, a pastel fairytale dancing in a flower garden basically!

What are three items that you couldn’t live without and why?

Vintage bed jackets, earrings, unique accessories (that aren't jewelry)

What’s been the most transformative experience of your life?

There's been 2 of equal value but, in different transformative ways, the day one of my best friends passed away shortly after we graduated from high school (I'm originally from America) and that taught me that life is short, anything can happen, don't be afraid to grab life and everything that comes with it. The other experience would be, getting on a plane at 20 and moving from the US to UK. I left to make a life with my now husband, he's from Scotland. I just decided I didn't want to live away anymore and just got on a plane, made a new life and didn't look back. I've lived in Scotland for many years now and I've become a stronger person because of it, I have my children now that I learn from and about myself through. You realize that growing as a person never becomes complete, it's a never-ending process, adults don't have all the answers, we learn still just as much as children but, I'm in love with who I am and whoever I'll become.

What are you most grateful for right now?

To be alive and healthy, especially with this pandemic and my family and friends, they bless me with a lot of love and joy.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

To not feel sorry for being myself, for not letting others break me or bend me their way just so I would fit in with them. I remember having moments where I thought that maybe if I had tried to fit in more, I would have had better days there but, then the more I think about it now is, had I not been defiantly myself, I wouldn't be where I am today. My tenacity carried me, even if I didn't feel so strong at the time. So be yourself, you are you for a reason and you matter to this world, you shine all on your own. Any time that I wandered from being myself, I ended up causing myself harm as a way to deal with the pressure - self harm, bad thoughts and unhealthy coping methods. As soon as I stepped on the path to loving myself as I am and not apologizing for it, I in turn gave myself permission to fly and learn let myself grow and evolve without questioning or comparing myself to others.

What’s behind the name “The Dainty Dolls House”?

Well, I came up with the name through a nickname, my friend always called me 'Doll' when we were in college and I love old doll houses. My blog used to be called 'The Dolls House' for a few years and then I came across the word 'Dainty' and liked its meaning, so I extended the name & have used it ever since. But, The Dainty Dolls House is simply a place where you can go and just be yourself, you don't have to look or dress a certain way to be accepted because the Dainty Dolls House is whatever you are or want to be. A celebration of uniqueness, art, dreams, curiosity and creativity.

What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe (and why)?

Hmm, probably my vintage bed jackets, because you can find them in so many different styles and colours to suit any outfit, I like versatile pieces. Vintage lingerie is the best too or accessories made by small business artists because they're always unique and sold in small batches or one offs, so you're wearing something that only you own really.

Using a metaphor, how would you describe your creative process?

The canvas becomes complete when my eyes are closed. (I create from my dreams)

What’s your favorite memory?

Hmm, as a child, going to yard sales or flea markets with my mum or Nana, we always came home with lots of treasures or birthday shopping/lunches with my Nana. As an adult, the birth of my 3 daughters, they are my world.

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Apr 07, 2021

Kizzy has been one of my favorite people on Instagram for years. Her wardrobe is pastel perfection and her posts are always so beautiful, but I appreciate the kindness of her heart more than anything. I’m not good at keeping up with blogs, so it brings me joy to see her face pop in my feed as a subtle reminder to see if she’s updated 💗.

*Thanks for being a beautiful soul, Kizzy!*

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